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Dear friends from all over the world,

I´m very glad to finally present my homepage in English.

It was back in 1983 when my husband gave me a doll as a Christmas present. Back then he did not know what this present would lead to.

I decided, I just had to make a doll on my own and took my first class in doll making. It was not the last one. My passion for dolls grew over the years and so did my experience.

Now my dolls are winning prices in renowned international art doll competitions. Photos of the award winning dolls can be seen here.

When you look at the pictures you will probably realize that I have found a unique way to combine my passion for making dolls with my second big passion: my fascination for cultures from all over the world.

It is very important for me that my dolls reflect life in other cultures in a very authentic way.

I love visiting  distant countries, and wherever I go, I am looking for inspirations for my dolls. I visit local markets and bazars, buy things from travelling hawkers - always looking for authentic traditional clothes, shoes and accessories. At this point I want to thank everyone who helped me to find some of my treasures. If you are one of them maybe you recognize something on the photos.

I like to talk to the people who live in the countries I visit and I am very grateful when they let me have an insight into their lives, which are so different from what life is like in Europe.

Back at home I remember those friendly and warm encounters, when I am creating a doll, trying to put into it all the memories of unique experiences I was allowed to make on my journey.

For me the country I have visited comes back to life again in my newly created doll.

I hope you have fun visiting my homepage!

Please be so kind to leave a message in my guestbook – I would love to know, you visited my homepage!

Greetings from Germany!

Monika Chlumsky